installed pro and old site has vanished

Hi, I followed installation instructions to upgrade from lite to pro and it has wiped out all previous pages?!!!!


  • Hi @mikemason

    Thanks for contacting us!

    Pages could not be wiped out by any of the theme installations because pages are saved in the WordPress database.

    Maybe you have not set any primary menu in the menu settings. However, only in case of portfolio you further need to set again because of PRO version has some new additional feature.

    Please check regarding the menu settings and let me know!

  • Yep that worked but the shift click feature doesn't so I can't edit the project section

  • Yes in the PRO version, to add projects you need to go with a different way as was in the LITE.

    Please refer the link and follow the articles regarding portfolio:

    Let me know if it is helpful!

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