category URL problem


My url have a word category,    (this two is just example, all the sub-category have this workd in url)

How can i delete the category from my link? I want my link to be:

Looking forward go your early reply.


  • Hi
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    To remove category word from category page url . 
    For this  You need to install Remove Category URL Plugin.
    Install and activate this plugin . 
    After activation of this plugin visit your category product page , the word category automatically removed from url .

    Let me know for further assistance .

  • Hello 
    Did your issue resolve ?

  • Hi Akhilesh, 

    Sorry for the lack of respose, your support is very useful, i already solved the problems now. 

    Thank you 
  • HI 
    Glade to know that its work for you !
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