How to edit giving function area? (plz check link)


 I want to edit the Search, Recent post, Recent comments, Archives, Categories and Meta area 

1. I want delete some part, for exmample, the Archives, and Recent comments (or even delete them all), how to do?
2. I want to make theis area more narrow(too space taking)
3. I want to move this area to the right most, how can i make this happen?

Thank you.


  • Hello 
    Lets take step by step . 
    To edit SearchRecent postRecent comments, ArchivesCategories and Meta . 
    Its a sidebar section widget you change , edit ,delete theme as your need . 
    For this go to Appearance >> Widget  >>Find the Sidebar widget area .
    Drag and drop widget in this  area as your need . 

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    Thank you for your help, but as you can see from:

    The side widget area is at the bottom, and strange appearance, how can i move it to other place?  for example, the rightmost side?

    Thank you
  • Hello 
    In your previous thread link  You told me to remove sidebar  .Read point no 4
    Follow instruction of this thread  I have also removed sidebar  . 


  • Hi Akhilesh, 

    You are genius. How did you do that? I want to know how.
    i don't want the side bar in Products page, but i want keep my side bar in article pages.

    and you just did it, thank you very very much.
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    Thanks for your complement .
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