Top header widget

How can I adjust the top header widget menu - mostly due to the appearance on the mobile devices.

Or can you recommend a certain widget for the top header menu widget.

See also my attached picture.
Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 11.45.35 AM.png


  • Hi, @kardel

    Thanks for contacting us!

    Have you seen our Help Documents regarding BusiProf PRO theme?
  • Thank you the quick response imraz.

    I've used the method before - thank you for reminding me.

    It seems to fix my headache.

    Best regads

    Angu Kardel
  • Just one more thing.

    Can you make top header widgets appear in pc & disable them on smartphone?

    Best regards

    Angu Kardel 

  • For that share your site URL, please
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