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how can I change the size and position of the slider text containers? (see attached file: Mandala Internet ... = container 1, IT-Infrastruktur ... = container 2)

How can I align both containers in width?

Thanks in adavance.


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    Thanks for asking query to us . 
    TO change size of the  text container  add the below css code inside the custom css box . 

    .slide-text-bg1 h2 {
        width: auto;
    .slide-text-bg2 {
        width: auto;

    After adding above css code  slider text container automatically vary according to  required size . 
    For your slider text potion issue , Pls send me the snapshot by indicate area on which would you want to show slider text . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 


  • Okay, akhilesh. Thanks so far.

    WIDTH: I think the auto width is already included in the css. Is it possible to express it as a porportaio, eg 33 percent of slide width? I think this would solve the problem of different widths for both containers (see red markings).

    POSITION: I want to be able to move these containers similar to the button below (which I learnd in another thread here ;-) ) The containers should move at least to the right on the other side of the arrow field (right of green marking).

    I hope this clarifys my questions :-)

  • Hello
    For your size issue add the below css code instead of previous . 

    .slide-text-bg1 h2 {
        width: 50%:
    .slide-text-bg2 span {
        width: 50%;
    .slide-caption {
        left: 10% ! important;

    Change  width and left value as your need . 


  • Hello,

    that works fine for this particular slide. But now, all the buttons are displayed a cercent amount apart from the left due to the .slide-caption line.

    Is it possible to connect this code you recommended in your previous post to a defined post and not to all of them?
  • Hello 
    TO  apply css on specific  slider post . 
    Get the post id by inspecting element  see the snapshot
    Add the below css code inside the custom css box . 

    If you apply css on post id post-1 .
    Use below css code . 

    #post-1 .slide-caption {
        left: 7% ! important;

    Same way   change or add post id as your need . 


  • Hi akhilesh,

    everythings works fine now concerning this issue. Thanks a lot!!!
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