How to change color of read more button


how can I change the color (background, border, font) of the read more buttons in my slider?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi, @mandalawpadmin

    Are you talking about this button on your site's slider:

    If it's not then please share the screenshot for which you need the custom CSS.

  • Hi imraz,

    exactly! I mean this button.

  • Copy and paste the below custom CSS in your theme's custom CSS box:

    /*Slider Link Button*/
        box-shadow: 0 3px 0 0 #c0ac12;
        background-color: #1a2536;
        color: #bfdf4f;
        font: inherit;
    /*Slider Link Button*/

    Let me know did it work!

  • I can change the color of the font. But it also changes the font type which I don't want to change. I'm not able to change the background color of the button. Further, I can't see any button border changes.

    Does that help you?

  • You mentioned for font so that I have added. Please try this replacing the previously given custom CSS:

    /*Slider Link Button*/
        box-shadow: 0 3px 0 0 #d2bb0b !important;
        background-color: #e912cf !important;
        color: #92d6a2 !important;
    /*Slider Link Button*/

    Link button does not have any border but if need to add you can add this:- border: 5px solid #3e0ba5; in b/w the curly braces.
  • Grand, imraz! This works perfectly :-)

    But: How do I include a border for a certain button, not for all buttons? I tried it with an extra line of .homepage-mycarousel #post-n (n being the number of the post of course), but it didn't work out.
  • Hi, @mandalawpadmin

    Please share the screenshot indicating button for which you want the custom CSS
  • Here it is ...

  • Just add the post ID like here I have added for the post have ID 404, & paste it in theme's custom CSS box:

    /*slide-btn-sm: for post ID 404*/
    #post-404 .slide-btn-sm{
    border: 5px solid #3e0ba5; 
    /*slide-btn-sm: for post ID 404*/

    Change values as per your needs.

    Let me know did it work!

  • Thanks a lot, imraz. It works just like I hoped it would. Great!
  • Glad to help you!

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