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lately, I have been having trouble working on my website. I am using a plugin called thrive article. I have been touch with them regarding few problems I was having. they were able to fix few errors but lately, they email me that the top of the page is not defined. Please see below:

I’ve rechecked the issue on my end and it seems that there is an error with your theme. The theme doesn’t have the top of the page defined, as shown below, and our editor does not know how high is the page while loading a Landing page.

With the default WordPress theme, it seems to work as expected. The workaround, in this case, is to load the default WP theme that I’ve just installed, add the Landing page, and switch back to the theme you are using. After that, the editor seems to work.

thank you so much


  • Hi, @uniquehands

    Could you confirm the name of the top page we are talking about? The screenshot above shows error when the plugin does not find the required page and it's not the fault of the theme because of PRO theme build in its own way with many additional features. It's the plugin which may not be compatible with the theme.

  • I was able to work with thrive architect with the appointment theme. Just the last few weeks its been acting up, when I upload another theme it works, but not the appointment theme. I love the appointment theme and I do not want to use another theme so I am trying to figure out how to work around it. when i upload and edit the page with the thrive then the theme is not responding. Their tech tells me that there is an issue on top that is not responding to thrive arthictect. 
  • Hi, @uniquehands

    Could you please share us your wp-admin details, so we can able to debug this issue exactly.

    Email Address: [email protected]

  • I just emailed you, thank you so much!
  • Dear, @uniquehands

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