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In the Rambo Free lite version) i can easy change content in the customiser by just clicking on items. I bought the pro version, i cannot change it the same way. How can i enable this is the pro version.

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  • Hi, @bvandendungen

    Thanks for contacting us!

    At our end, customizer working fine. 

    Please share your site URL.
  • Hi Imraz,

    the URL is

    kind regards!
  • Hi, @bvandendungen

    You are using the old version, please update your PRO version via following the LINK

    Please keep a backup of your site before updating.

  • Hi Imraz,

    I think i am using the latest version. There is only one version to download: rambo-pro-2.6.8. I used a clean wordpress install, no free version active. Can it be anything else?

  • Hi, @bvandendungen

    Now please check, you will find the latest package of Rambo PRO!

    Follow the link to install the new updated PRO package: LINK

    Keep at least one backup copy before updating.

    Let me know the results after that!

  • Thanks this seems to work! After the update i encounter another problem with the editor.
    If you check the live website the service section is 4 items next to eachother. In the editor the 4th item is placed below the first item. Is it posible to make this the same?
  • Hi, @bvandendungen

    It's not an issue. Since in customizer main Homepage space becomes narrow in width, so responsive effect force one of the last services to adjust below the others like as in your shared screenshot:
    However, when you see out of the customizer editing, only 4 items come in one row, and the same 4 for the next row.

    Do you get me?
  • okay! Thanks Imraz!
  • Glad to help you!

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