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My website is www.pianomaster.org
I found that the appointment theme makes the whole website a lot slower than for example the twenty seventeen theme from wordpress. The google PageSpeed Insights gives a rating of 61/100 for mobiles with the appointment theme while I get 89/100 using twenty seventeen theme.  This is pretty significant especially since Google announced that they would, starting this month, take in account the PageSpeed rating in their ranking factors.
Now, using some optimization plugin like W3 Total Cache has proven quite effective for the PageSpeed rating for PC screen : it went from 78/100 to 89/100. But it has not been as efficient for PageSpeed rating for mobile. It went from 61/100 to 70/100 which is not decent enough. 
My webpage is very simple. You can see that the problem essentially comes from  the way the appointment theme works : It loads all CSS styles, including below the fold, as soon as you load the page.
So the question is, and I think it matters a lot : how can you optimize the performance of the appointment theme for mobile use ?


  • Hi, @phiwal

    The difference comes b/w Twenty seventeen and Appointment theme is due to including much more advanced features which need to load more files while loading the pages, and various sections are also included with customization settings as compared to Twenty Seventeen theme.

    So only make comparisons to the default theme which does not have any feature will not prove that Appointment PRO is missing something. As more features added to the theme will lead to degrading the site speed. Only the speed factor will not make the Google consider to take site into its account. Overall, using the theme with the W3 Total Cache plugin gives better results. We can't say it has a poor performance.

  • Hi
    I understand why the extra feature of your theme comes with a price. Now could you provide some help regarding speed optimization beyond W3 Total Cache. I think it would be greatly beneficial to the community.

  • Usually site loads slower on mobile devices because they don’t have as much computing power, and often are not on wifi. A site that takes 3 seconds to load on your desktop could be over 10 seconds or more on a mobile device in another country.

    Please see the articles and some plugins are also suggested for mobile site:

    Another you can remove the functionality which does not have any mean for your site purpose via code customization.

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