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I do not need the Client Slider in section 7 of the theme Layout manager. 
But I would love to have a second project section there. This second project section should display a set of projects that is different from the first project section. 

Is that possible? 



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    Hi, @bluebaron

    It's possible but it would not like to be a recommended way, to add this type of change. For this, you need to add a new custom file in your child theme of BusiProf PRO and whenever you want to show for different projects in the additional portfolio section, you manually need to go for edit the file putting new desired portfolio IDs in it.

    Not only, you will even miss the portfolio category tab section, & it will look something like as in the screenshot.

    If you still agree, please share your choice after which section you would prefer to show up this additional portfolio section.

  • Hi imraz,

    Thanks for your answer. The screenshot looks like exactly what I want. 

    So, yes, I want an additional portfolio section, located after the testimonials section. I already have installed a child theme. 

  • Hi, @bluebaron

    Create two new files in your child theme with name front-page.php and index-my_selected_projects.php. Edit both, then paste the code in it from and respectively.

    Now as I had already told you about needed to put manually the project id in the custom file index-my_selected_projects.php. So for that, to know project IDs you need to install Reveal id plugin, after that you could able see any of the project ID like as in the screenshot.
    Now you just have to be a little developer, edit the file index-my_selected_projects.php and replace the already existing dummy IDs as shown in the screenshot. At very first you will see where you have to edit.

    Let me know did it work.

  • Hi Imraz, 

    this works great, thank you very much. 

    Except for one thing: The new "my_selected_projects" displays an overlay with opening a Lightbox. I would like it to open the same link as the text link below instead of the Lightbox. Like it is described here for the original project section: 

    Is that possible for the index-my_selected_projects.php?


  • Replace the code of the file index-my_selected_projects.php with

    Let me know did it work.

  • Hi Imraz,

    it works. Great support, thank you. 

  • Glad to help you!

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