Facebook feed hasn't been working for weeks....


Your feed hasn't been working for weeks, you hardly update this plugin and ours customers are getting really annoyed.
What is going on?

If we don't get some kind of solution within a week we will be forced to fork your plugin and fix it ourselves.
If we do that then we will not be using your copy going forward and will update our own copy.

Please communicate with your customers!



  • Hi infosws

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    This is a cause of the Facebook API changes. Now we have to review again our Facebook  App to continue work and this is taking to much time in the review process. This is not only with us almost all Facebook plugin and apps running down.
    If you are the admin of the page you can create your own page token without review or approved or if you are using some other facebook page to displaying feeds Sorry but you have to wait for our App approved. 

    You can follow this thread if you are using your own facebook page.

  • Hi abhishek,

    I can understand that Facebook is taking its time but I see very little communication from you, it would at least let us know you are still working on it.

    The other point is this fix that you mention, I don’t understand why you’ve not rolled it out already? Some of us can start to fix the mess caused by Facebook then instead of having to alter code ( Which not everyone is comfortable with ).

    Can you please build an interface to add a manual access token not only for me, but for everyone using the plugin?

  • edited June 2018

    Sorry for this. but we stopped the work on our Facebook feed plugin until our App not approved by Facebook. Because everything depends on Facebook App and there Token. 


  • Hi abhishek,

    I wouldn't personally say that is the best approach, you said we could use our own keys?
    If so then can't you build some input boxes for people to add their own token?

    This would really be a step forward and at least help some people correct the issue ( and reduce reliance on a single token ).

    Please consider it?

  • Hi abhishek,

    Update please????

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