TABLET - Slider image height not alligned

After desktop isssue with height (which was solved by adding css code heading input) there s same issue but on tablets...


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    Thanks for asking query again .
    For your slider image height issue .
    Pls upload same height size image .

  • The code which i was given for height problem was, and that solved dekstop height, all the images are fulld hd heihgt over the height of sliders dimensions, and they should fit. Didnt you sell full resposive theme, webriti?!!!!?
    .page-mycarousel img {
        width: 100%;
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  • Hello 
    I an unable to inspect element on your  website . 
    So pls enable inspect element on your website . 

    SO that we can  use inspect element tool and check whats going wrong with your end . 


  • You can inspect now, i 've enabled element inspection function
  • if images are responsive (after adding css header for desktop), that it should response on all devices...
  • HI 

    Sorry for your inconvenience . 
    I have checked your website , You did not upload  all the slider image same size . 
    We can not fix the height of slider image , bz its effect on the responsive ness of the website . 
    So better is upload same height size image .  
    I am  sure your issue  automatically resolve . 

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  • So, this two attached images are in height totally different, as you can obviously see (or you just stare at booobs), and are implemented in sliders. How on Earth pic with height belllow 700x is streched almost full (tablet screen), and other one with height above 3.000 px is not. You were jibbering about height and i m claiming that you r awfully mistaken. Any logicall answers or you ll puit some work in theme coding (CSS). I m waiting your answer
  • Hi 
    Sorry for your inconvenience . 
    Dear , Why you don't adding same size slider image . 
    The only way to fix your issue by adding same size image . 

  • You can close the ticket, even you didnt try at all.
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