Change page template from default to Blog Masonry/Gallery &not show existing blog posts in new page?

edited June 2018 in Busiprof
I'd like this page - ; to use the layout of Gallery or Blog Masonery 3 or 4. We use 'Feed Them Social' to get our Twitter feed onto this page. I want each Tweet smaller and in the style of the blog masonery columns rather than full width on the page.
**When I change the Template dropdown in edit, the Blog Masonery 3 brings the existing Blog posts to the page instead! 


  • Hello

    Thanks for asking query  to us . 
    I have research on your query . You want  to change layout of the tweeter feed page . 
    Its depends on third party plugin related layout customization , 
    Your query related to the tweeter feed plugin  issue .  So pls contact plugin author  he will better suggest you . 
    Your query is out of our theme support scope . 

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