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I have to insert two links to our pages of the cookies policy and privacy policy but I do not want to use the text windget of the footer because it is too big.
can you put in the copyright line?

How i can to show only social icon that i use?


  • Hi, @angelo84

    To remove a social icon, you need to remove even hash symbol # from customizer settings of social links.

    For footer social icons, head to Wp-Dashboard Appearance >> Customizer >> Footer copyright settings >> Social Links
    For Header social icons: Customizer >> Header settings >> Social Links

    About to add two links at the footer section is possible but it remains static, means to edit the link you need further edit the file.

    Please share the links for both to add in the custom code then I will share it. 
    (You can share the link on my email address: [email protected])

  • the links for the social media has completely disappear from the header section on my appointment theme, is there any easy fix to that problem? I even deleted the whole theme and install it back, but nothing

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