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is there any way to move the image to the left side of the screen with out making it a feature image?

Also is there a way to move the service section under the project section? Not good with coding so any help would be great.

Thank you


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    Thanks for purchasing our theme . 
    I have checked the  URL you shared us  its does not showing any image  . 
    Which image would you want to move , kindly confirm us .

    To manage home page sections like service , project   testimonial and other . 
    Refer below docs link to reorder this section . 

    Let me know for any confusion . 

  • I want to move the image bottom right( presidential residence hall leaders) to the white space to the left . The only way I’ve done this before is making it a featured image and it puts it in that space. Was just wondering if there was another way. Thank you for the info on my other question.
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    Thanks for clear your requirement . 
     I think The easiest way is set featured image . Without  featured image  adding image inside the left side  white space area required much code customization  , which is beyond the scope of support . 

    We   already provide you featured image option which is best . So pls use featured image option , if you have any issue  after adding feature image , Let me know .
    Hope I made my point clear , look forward see you again at webriti. 
  • Thank you for the help
    Have a good day
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    Grt !
    Look forward see you again at webriti. 

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