Not working

Cannot display feedplease check if the Facebook page exists or not

I'm not holding my breath - support from this company is terrible - I have a valid licence they have never returned an email to me with help. 


  • Hi All 

    This is being caused by some recent Facebook API changes. We are working on this and already submit our app again for approved on Facebook. still, if you have your own page access token you can use that one. we will provide you instructions to use access token in our plugin code file.

    We are really sorry for this.

  • Please let me know when and how we can use out own access token with the plugin.

    Thank you for your reply.
  • Hi igerada

    Yes you can easy add your access token in our plugin.

    Go to in your plugin directory >> facebook-feed-shortcode.php
    Find line number 1376 and here replace this line of code 
    $access_token = $wff_app_token[rand(0, 2)];
    With this new line 
    $access_token = '1505917499687703|2133Lp1cLt6Zk0N2por8X8QJf9k';

    Replace this higlighted accesstoken with your accesstoken.

    Have a look in screen shot

    Let me know if still you have any confusion.

  • Perfect - that worked for me now I have it working. Thank you
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