Blog HTML on hompage

Hi, I want to just show bullet points on my homepage blog section
(Our Chalets) but it is not tranlating the html like <br> or
<ul><li> etc it is just putting all the text on one line?
Site under construction is

Also is there any way I can add a sidebar but diffeerent to each blog? is there a plug-in?
Many thanks


  • Hello
    Thanks for purchasing our theme . 
     I have seen you blog section and its showing bullet points . 

    To show specific widget in each sidebar of blog page .
    For this you need to use  AH Display Widgets plugin . 


  • Thank you I managed towork out the bullets :)
    And thank you for the Widget plugin too.
  • Hello
    Glade to know that its resolve !
    Look forward see you again at webriti.

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