problem with upgrading from vdperanto


i´ve upgraded from vdperanto to busiprof pro. After activating busiprof pro  vdperanto including all content vanished. 
What can I do?


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    Thanks for purchasing our theme . 

    Well pro version theme are all based on custom post types. In the lite versions all the data are configure through customizer which  have  a limitation.

    Believe me even if you delete the lite version and add the pro version just like you do for other theme's your WordPress pages will remain as it is but you have to reconfigure the details on front page that's it.

    Also if you want , for faster development, we will provide you the xml file which will create the exact replica to our demo site.

    To set up content on our theme  refer our help docs link . 

    Let me know what you decide.

  • Hi,
    thanks for answering. 

    I could re-establish the site from a backup with vdperanto. So I can start again. What happens now: After installing the pro version, when I delete the lite version of busiprof, the vdperanto theme vanishes and there is a error message that I should reinstall the parent theme. When doing that, it installs the lite version again ....

    To be clear: I do not want to reconfigure the front page. It is hours of work ...

    Can you help me with more information on how to connect the pro version with the exististing child theme?

  • Hi, 
    no answer? 
  • Hi
    Sorry to delay reply .
    In pro section we managed home page section via custom post type .
    If you use pro theme need to set data again .
    Don't worry, if possible give me your admin detail I will set data for you .

    Send me your wordpress admin detail at my email address

    [email protected]

  • Issue resovle via email . 
    Closing this ticket . 

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