Why the Dropdown Menu Items/categories doesn't Expand With Text

hello, i've created subitems for pages that are in primary navigation of site. The problem that exists is when you define sub page name, name doesn't expand with text, and obviously its restricted in width parameters. I assume custom CSS is solution, but i m not coder or designer, eventough i know basics HTLM + CSS, but would not feel safe to go back in backhend or frontend.
I ll post print screen so you can clearly see...and i ll give you live link https://www.digitalac.hr/ (so just mouse over Usluge in primary navigation, and youll see the isssue)

for SEO practice i could shortened page names, but for additional two letters to see that whole 'story' goes out of borders i think that issue sholud have been in theme included


  • ...i see your activity webriti :)
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  • Hi, @mjeren

    Paste the below CSS rules in your theme's custom CSS box:

    .dropdown-menu > li > a {
       white-space: normal;

    Let me know did it work.

  • @imraz, code is working fine, i ve just implemetned in header.
    Thnx for quick response
    Best regards

    i ll post another little issue found when theme turns mobile
    CSS solved.png
  • Hi, @mjeren

    Whats another little issue? I do not see any issue either in the screenshot also?

    Please create a new ticket with the screenshot and a brief explanation.

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