Hyperlinking telephone numbers and email addresses

Hi there,

I would love to add hyperlinks to the phone numbers and email addresses on the site (http://www.beautiful-naturally.co.uk/contact-us/).  The telephone number and email address have been added using the site's 'Customise' function so I can't add hyperlinks in the way I usually would when inputting numbers and email addresses (e.g. in text / footers).  Please can you advise if this is possible using the site's inbuilt customiser?

There is a holding page on my site at the moment but I have previously shared the login details with you so please feel free to log in and look around the back-end of the site.

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    TO add link for telephone and email  address on contact page follow the given below instruction carefully . 

    1 Find the  template-settings.php file located in your theme folder  functions folder >>  customize folder >>  find the file . 

    2 Open it  and  copy the code from this link and past inside the file . 

    Then add  link tag  inside the email and telephone file . 

    <a href="tel:+6494461709">61709</a>

    More help see the snapshot 

  • Hello 
    Did the above solution work for you ?

  • Hi Akhilsh,

    I have updated the php file and added the additional code in there too, although I'm not sure that's what you meant?  Where are the email and telephone files?

    In any case I haven't seen any change so perhaps you could let me know where I'm going wrong?!

    Many thanks
  • Hello 
    See the snapshot and confirm us is It the right  email and phone   would you want to link phone  and email . 

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