Links in text widget


When I put text in the text widget they look fine and white, but if I add links to them they fade completly down.

Should i use another widget or can I change this somehow inside the widget.

Links fading down in color.PNG


  • HI 
    Thanks for contacting to us . 

    Use Custom Html widget  and place anchor tag inside the content  area of  custom html widget . 

  • But then I have to show the actual url. I want to show text that represent an url that is hidden
  • Maybe that is what you mean by achor tag - what is that ?

  • Hi 
    If possible  share your  website url so that we can  take a look and assist you better . 

  • Hi again,

    It seems I need to put in the whole html code in the HTML plugin, which kind of make sense.

    However, I am not a coder, and it does not make sense that you cannot use url in the text widget, withou it is being impossible to read.

    I mean, if that plugin is working as it is suppose to do, it should not have the option to put in urls, when it is not possible to read them anyway.

    Please update the widget or find another workaround without using code

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    Hello Dear 
    Add the code  in text widget and  share your site URL . 
    So that we can inspect whats conflict occurs on your end . 


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