Font Awesome changes . . .

I would like to change up some of the fonts on our services page.  When I entered the font awesome code, it does not display.  I have a couple of questions;

Which version of font awesome is currently implemented in Wallstreet professional?
If it's not the latest version, do you plan on upgrading the version?
When would that possibly happen?
Where can we get a listing of the available fonts that can be used with our current version?



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    Let me know which version of theme are you using . 
    Latest version of theme is 2.2 .

    Our latest version  of theme have Font awesome version is 4.7.0 . 
    The font awesome version we have used  is latest . 

    You can use  any icon listed in this link  . 

    Feel free to us for further assistance . 

  • Hello Akhilesh,

    Thanks for the information, and link to the fonts available in the theme.  We are on the current version of the theme.

    It looks like font awesome has now released version 5.0.

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