Help: the sozial media buttons have disappeared!

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  • Hi,

    To display the social media icon follow the given below instructions:

    Go to Dashboard Admin Panel >> Appearance Menu >> Option Panel >> Contact Page >>

    Social media links.

    Now check the check box where you want to display social media icons as your requirement.

    Let we know for further assistance.



  • The check boxes are all activated, but the social media icons are not shown at all pages/fields!
  • Hi,

    On which section or page you are facing this problem.

    Can you provide the screenshot or website URL.

    Sorry for your inconvenience .


  • Look at The access-data you should still have!
  • Thanks, but there was also the social media icons at each of the team members
  • And also at the last line in footer area.
    I plan to use the Header Icons to Change it into national flags for choosing diff language at diff URLs.
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     We have resolved your issue .
     This is happen because  some  unwanted text  automatically added to the image url . 

    So I have removed unwanted text that is 
    (url('../WebBFrei/HealthTheme/WebritiOrginal/healthcentre-pro/images/social/facebook_footer.png') .

    if you found such kind of url replace it with 


     but the name of image should  be respective name when you Replace the url .



  • I appreciate your advice, many thanks! I hope, not all the social Icon at the rest of pages will be deleted, if I try to change only the ones at the Header with this code:
    head_social_icons li.facebook {background:url(your icon link) no-repeat;}
    head_social_icons li.twitter {background:url(your icon link) no-repeat;}
    head_social_icons {background:url(your icon link) no-repeat;}
    head_social_icons li.linkedin {background:url(your icon link) no-repeat;}
  • Oh, sorry, the social media Icons at the footer line are still not there, as it was before?
  • You want flag icons both in footer and header throughout the theme?
  • No, flag Icon only at Header and the social media Icons at footer area, in last line (footer customization) right.
  • That snippet will not alter the footer social media icons
  • Fine, but the social media Icons are still not there at the footer area! They disappears yesterday suddenly.?
  • Dear I din't find any background url in header social icon links.

    Have you changed or updated the version of the theme
  • No, sorry. There were some faults in the blue.css file I created to change the bgcolor. The social media Icons are now there again. But if I wish to set another URL (like <a href= at the Header social media Icons after changed them to language flags, what file is to edit therefore?
  • Hi 

    Don't bundle all issue in singe thread  because it create problem to handle support Query .

     I  Think your social icon issue resolved   
     So I Close this ticket .



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