How to add another link in the OUR TEAM-Page


i have following problem:

Out Team members have Links to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln as member Tina Weikard for example here

In this case we have to add another fourth field in this section to use it free linkable in our page project to add a fourth link to this page where our team members declare all their work parts and also have more parts in the tabs.The free added link has to have a fa-user-o for example.

How to get this into the theme?

I think this question is als ineresting for all other colleagues here that have also a whis to add one or more links in this case.

Kind regards


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    Hi, @alemape

    Means you want extra link option on hover the team member image: like as in the screenshot

    Kindly confirm is it the same you want?

    Thanks for contacting us :)
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    Hello imraz

    yes that is exactly the thing i am looking for!

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    Hi, @alemape

    Now, create a file with a name about.php in a child theme of appointment and paste the code in it from

    Now follow the screenshots in the sequential manner:
  • thank you for this answer, i go to do this as you told in the next few minutes and give you return message.
  • Hi imraz

    you got a mail with details to get in for admin yourself.

    i did as i got in your advices but dont get the fields in my team add pages

    thanks fot help!
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    saw you have been working.

    I think i was looking at the false place for the new added field.
    i have found it now more under the normal fields.

    IT WORKS GREAT!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for your great support here!
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  • You can drag it to up, to show under other social link fields
  • it look ok to me as it is now, but how to do this if wanted from my clients?
  • i see you working on team member tina, is that done now?

    i just want to delete the # in the social links there that i have put in as example.

    my client goes to fill these later themselve, after i gave advice to 2 of them, that one of them is as well my brother.
  • Yes, team member section completed from my side, and it's working fine.

    Could you share the screenshot from where you want to remove # in the social links?
  • no,maybe you misunderstood me.
    nothing is to change now in this case.
    All is working fine as we wanted it to use and run.

    Only thing was, i saw you a loger time working at the profile of Tina am´nd i wanted to remove ehe example #.
    All done now.

    Thank you a lots for your great support.
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    @alemape Glad to help you!

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    Thanks for contacting us :)
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