How to modify the banner of the blog page?


when i click on the button " Read more" on this page:
( see attach file)

It brings me to a new page :

I want to modify the banner of this page but i have no clue where this page is located. Can you help me?

Thank you for your help in advance.
Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.34.54 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.59.22 AM.png


  • HI 
    TO add banner  title and description for page and post   refer below link . 

    Let me know further assistance . 

  • hi Akhilesh,

    Normally i know how to modify the banner text but i just don't see neither the post where i could change the custom field neither the page that it is related.

    Please can you check more closely my issue because this tutorial doesn't work out for me?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Akhi,

    by any chance did you the time to have a look on this issue? Thank you
  • edited April 2018
    You told  us here link   it work for you .
    All the complete instruction already given in this thread . 

    If sill you are unable to set banner . 
    Send me your admin detail at my email address 

    So that we can check whats going wrong with your end . 

  • Hi Akhi,

    Any news, did you find something?
  • edited April 2018
    Due to some conflict  banner text not updating . 

    I have created new post and added banner text not its updating . Check here is the new  post url.
    You can change it as your need . 

    See the snapshot


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