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Hi, I don´t know how to set my blog like in the demo ;
In mine it doesn´t show a big picture of each post where you can click in read more and than open only that post to read. Its all posts open with the whole article one after another. how can I fix it? 


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    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    See the snapshot and confirm us ,Are you want to make blog section like that snapshot . 

    Pls confirm us so that we can assist you better . 

  • No. I want to show just like in the link I sent you. Because mine is not like that. When you click in Blog, instead of showing like in the link in my question, it shows all of my posts already open, one after another.  

    take a look. Its not like it was supposed to be   
  • scroll down, you will see there is 3 posts there... and I want like in the demo, that you open blog section and choose which post you want to read and click in it. 

  • Hi 
    Thanks for purchasing our  theme . 
    If you want to show home page like our demo home  page .
    I think you set front page  as static page . 
    Kindly go to Setting >> Reading > >Your home page display >>  Select  Your Latest Post  . 

    More help see the snapshot . 

    TO set up content on home page kindly  read theme help docs link . 

    Let me know for  further assistance . 

  • Hi , you still didn´t understand my problem... its not on home page display... it´s on my post section. When you click on blog, you go to a page where all your posts are. THERE is my problem... I want to see all my posts there like in the demo ( summary of wich post) right now with your screenshot actually helped to see where this option is.. but I selected summary instead of full text on " for each article in a feed show:" But still not working... now I go to my blog and there is only one post full text there... don´t know what to do anymore. I want all my posts to be viewed in summary on blog section. 
  • I want like that 
  • And in my blog is like that 

  • Looked every where and I can´t find the right configuration... I don´t know if my theme have some problem... cause I already put summary in Settings >> Reading 
     And when I edit my post I selected  Excerpt and added a summary to that... but nothing...  
  • I just found  this

    Thats actually what my problem is, I followed your steps to create a child theme. but when I go to see the preview of that child theme, my menu set up is gone and all is left is the Blog on my home page... What do I do?
  • And its still not showing the Excerpt on blog 
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    Sorry for your inconvenience dear . 
    Read more tag showing perfect at our  end on blog template . 

    If possible send me your  word press  admin detail at my email address . 

    So that we can check whats going wrong with your end . 


  • Hi
    Any update here ?

  • Hi, since I´m still working on it, and didn´t save any of the set up I did yet, I´m going to wait and when I´m finished, if it´s still not working, I´m gonna send my login so you can check whats wrong with my end. 
  • okay send  me your  detail . 

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