Versioning of Appointment Pro and Appointment Themes

Hi there,

we are confused about the versioning of the Appointment Pro and Appointment themes. Appointment ist currently released with v2.7 and Appointment Pro is available in v2.4.2.
As far as I understand Appointment Pro is an "enhanced" Appointment theme. Therefore I would expect equal version numbers. With these version 2.4.2 just seems very old compared to 2.7.

Thanks for clarification about the usage of version numbers.


  • Hi rboenning

    Please don't be confused in appointment pro and lite theme version sequence.

    Because of theme version decided on the number of release and bug fixes.

    So if in lite we have fixed some more bugs then they have major version then pro.

    yes pro version has extra features from the lite version

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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