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Hi there,

I can't seem to figure this out.. I want to make it more obvious where to click in the project section on the homepage. So instead of only being able to click on the title I would either like to make the picture clickable or add a 'read more' button. I know the first option is possible and that you would have to make a child theme and change the CSS. I only can't figure out how to do all this.. :( Is there anyone who could help me???

Thanks in advance! 


  • Hi
    Thanks for purchasing our theme .

    For this follow the given below instruction . 
    Firstly to do  the changes into  any theme core file  , I would like to suggest you to create child theme . 
    To create child theme refer this link . 
    After creating child theme follow the given below instruction . 

    1 Create index-project.php file located into the child theme directory . 

    2  Copy the code from this link and past into the index-project.php file .  

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Hi 
    Did the above solution work for you ?

  • Hi Akilesh, thanks for your reply! Could you please give me the link with information about creating the child theme? I don’t see any and this is precisely the part I don’t fully understand
  • Hi 
    Oops , TO create child theme refer below link . 

  • Hi 
    Did your  issue resolve ?

  • yes, thank you! 
  • Hi msakande

    Nice to know that the issue has been solved. If there are any further query regarding to our theme, then, please feel free to post them.

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