Help, the "about us" page disappears.

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Pls have a look, what is going wrong there. I'm shure I did something wrong!
I send you the access dates via eMail to [email protected]


  • Hi 

    pls clearly explain your issue . On which section or page you are facing problem .

    Sorry for your inconvenience .


  • The link on the about us page is same as home page.

    Go to menus and check the link, edit there as required.

  • The problem is, at the „about us“ page now comes the same view like the “home” page. Before I made a mistake, there was an “about us” page with the team-members, and the text “How we works” which is still shown, if you choose at the dashboard “pages” an edit there the “about us” page.
  • I just see, that the "home" page is missing, if I choose Dashboard/Pages! Normaly "home" was there. I try to edit a new one,but it does not help.
  • HI 

    I have  resolved your issue  .

    Pls visit your site .

  • Many thanks, excellent work!
    Now there are two "About Us" pages and one "Home" (I created it before you solved the problem).

    May I delete my empty "Home" page and rename the "About Us" (with Default Attributes) to "Home" and leave the "About Us" you created new with attibutes "About us" as it is?
  • Can I close this ticket.
  • Yes, if my last questions are o.k. Thanks Otmar
  • Hi

    Pls explain your last question clearly .


  • You solved the problem that the "About Us" page was not shown, many thanks for that!!. But now in the template under "Dashboard/Pages" there exists two "About Us" pages and one "Home". This one without any function.
    It seems, that one of the two "About Us" pages has the "Home" function? I will rename that one to "Home" and delete the functionless "Home"!
    I hope it's a little more clearly now! :\">
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    We have resolved your issue.
    Pls visit your site .

  • Fine, thank you very much! :\">
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