How to change fonts at the header of Service?

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The headline fonts of service should be the same size like the fonts under the images in the portfolio/project section.Thanks Otmar


  • Hi

    You want to do reduce   font size of  service  title same as the project title size .

    Am I  Right ?

    Pls see the attachment and tell me ?

    size of title.png
    972 x 661 - 240K
  • Yes, that's right.
    To the point of diffenrent monitor/screen solutions: look at my webpage with IEVersion 8.0 with grafic screen solution 1024x768 and you see my problem. Most of our customers use still IE Version 8!
    Thanks Otmar
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    For this Go To  Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Option Panel >> Quick Start >> Then Find the Custom Css Field 
    Just Copy past the below line of css Code .
    .hc_service_area h2 {



  • Excellent, many thanks! Otmar
    You may close this diskussion.
  • Can I expect review from you related to this theme
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