Open the read more buttons at services at a separate page

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We just see another disfunction at the healthcenter theme: if you chose the "read more" button at the 4 servcies links, the first two (from left) open in a separate page (window), that's fine. But the other two "read more" links not, that's bad. How can we solve that?
Thanks Otmar


  • hii zembold
    Thanks for using our theme.
    We check the functionality of home-services with focusing your problem. It working properly at our end. Just tell me which version of theme you are using.

    Thanks Vijay
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    we have solved your issue .

    You forgot to check mark on the Open link in a new window/tab check box .

    You will find this ckeck box at 
    Admin Dashboard >> Service and edit your service on which you are facing problem 

    Your issue resolved , but  I am Telling you for your knowledge.

    Find the attachment it will help you .

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  • I'm so sorry and thanks you did ist!
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