dummy data xml file installation not working


I just installed the pro version of the template and try to upload the xml data file I downloaded through https://webriti.com/themes/dummydata/busiprof/pro/

I go to Tools/Import, but I have no possibility to download any file from there. I get redirected to Plugin download and there I have no download attachment media items checkbox : I just have a box "choose a file" and a button "install now" and when I try to upload the xml file this oviously doesn't work as it is not a plugin I try to install.

Can you please help help me solving this ?


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    Hi, @goodhabits

    Either may be you are not uploading the correct formatted XML file or maybe the plugin is not working properly. Please try again after download the XML file and upload it via following the steps as in the link.

    Let me know if resolved.

    If further, you face the same issue, you can share us your admin details on my email address, so we can able to debug the issue at our end.

    Thanks for contacting us :)
  • Thank you Imraz, the instructions in the email wasn't as good as the link you provided. I think everything is working concerning this file now !

    Many thanks :)
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    Glad to help you!

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