How to change the social buttons at header to language choice button with national flags

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How to change the social
button only at the header to a choice button for different languages for the
Website in different
language template files.
Thanks Otmar


  • Hi Zembold,

    This requires some coding,

    Basically you want to add flag icons in place of social icons am I right?

  • Yes and set other links to different URLs
    Thanks Otmar
  • Add these css rules via custom css box

    head_social_icons li.facebook {background:url(your icon link) no-repeat;}

    head_social_icons li.twitter {background:url(your icon link) no-repeat;}

    head_social_icons {background:url(your icon link) no-repeat;}

    head_social_icons li.linkedin {background:url(your icon link) no-repeat;}

    Don't forget to add your flag icons url.

  • Many thanks! Please give me an example about size (px), the format (jpg, gif, png, ico etc) and an useful "url" for (your icon link). Do i have to create an image directory for the flag images, so the url is like (./images/flag1.gif)?
  • Yes exactly and the size may be closed to 30 px by 30px.
  • Excellent, thank you! Otmar
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