Presentation of the website at different display-screen solutions

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Also I am
surprised, that the use of the Template is not possible in the same view with
smaller screens, lower screen solutions (1024x768) or with Tablets or
Smartphones. The design is then complete broken, the main buttons are not there etc. That is very bad. I hope a solution for this problem is possible, so that the design of each page will be complete shown in smaller sreens. How can I solve this problem? Many thanks Otmar


  • hii zembold 
    Please give me the URL where you have problem.

    thanks vijay
    name max, pw max also for wp-admin
  • HI  zembold

    I would Like to suggest you Pls always send password by email 

    email address


  • Pls remove all dates from the diskussion. I will send you all that via eMail to your gmail-account.
    Thanks Otmar
  • Which Discussion are you talking about?

  • All my infos given above at the first of the month to access the url. Pls delete that. Thanks Otmar
  • Can you please elaborate this, or, may be send some screen short, properly indicating what exactly you want to do.

    Sorry, but, I dint understood your issue.

  • I send the question and the access dates to [email protected].
    The problem is the use of your health themes template with the MS Browser IE Version 8 and a graphic screen solution of 1024x768, most of our costumer use! The webpage desing is than complete changed and the links aren't shown.
    Thanks Otmar
  • O.K. the IE8 Browser has no capability to show or display the hole properties of the excellent healthcenter theme! Thanks Otmar
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