Instagram API Limitation


i purchased your plugin and was very happy until I realized, that Instagram limits the API to the last 20 posts. Am I right? So in my case (search my account for specific hashtags with taggedby and display the posts on page) the plugin is useless. Are there any ways to solve this problem and when not, can I get a refund of my money as this limitation isn't stated in your FAQ's and as a customer I do not know about this limits?

I hope though that there's a workaround somewhere...

Thank you


  • So to specify my needs: I want to display some instagram posts on my shop product page, which are referencing this particular product. My idea was to add hashtags with the SKU of the product and show them through the instagram plugins shortcode. That is working fine for recent posts, but not for older posts which makes it useless, as I have many products in instagram over a longer periods of time.

    $sku = $product->get_sku();
    echo do_shortcode("[easyinstagramfeed height=70 num=30 showlightbox='yes' userid='XXX' accesstoken='XXX' filteruserid='yes' taggedby='".$sku."' headerdisplay='no' captiontextlength='30' captiondisplay='no']"); 
  • ok, I went with uique SKU hashtags and public hashtag search. It's functioning until no one will use my custom hashtags in his feed.
  • Hi @pvlvsk,

    Sorry for the delay response.

    You can get 32 media in a single request  The Instagram limitation is 32  media in the single request. if you want more feeds you have to click on load more button for next 32 media.

    Please let me confirm still you are facing the same issue.


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