front page width

Comparing with demo site (, I guess my site ( is more narrow.

For example, the distance between service section 1 to 3.

Pls advise me how to widen if possible.



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    Hi, @masaist

    I have noticed a slight difference b/w service section 1 to 3 as in demo and as on your site

    The difference is not narrow although it is slightly wider compare to using Japanese text instead of English. You can see the difference in both screenshots first vs second

    Furthermore, if you want to widen any section I will send you the custom CSS rules for the same.

    Thanks for contacting us :)
  • really? let me please put screenshot here to explain. Can I put image here?
  • Hi, @masaist

    Yes, you can share the image to explain us.
  • Hi @imraz

    As I didn't know how to put Image here, I sent it to Akhelsh

  • Hi, @masaist

    Please use the option Attach a file below the comment box, from where you can attach Image with a comment. If still not the issue resolved, please share the screenshot to explain.

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