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Hi, I have seen a list of school logos at the bottom of this page (  

How could I recreate this in Rambo?


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    Head to Customize Section : Wp-dashboard >> Appearance >> customize >> Additional secrtion one >> Settings
    Select column layout as 1

    Head to Customize Section : Wp-dashboard >> Appearance >> customize >> Additional section one >> HomePage Additional One Widget area
    Here Add a Widget of Text type. Put Title of text widget and create gallery via a click on Add Media button. Make sure all images should have caption name like this

    You can even set Section Header also if you like:
    Head to Customize Section : Wp-dashboard >> Appearance >> customize >> Additional secrtion one >> Section Header 
    See the screenshot

    You will get the same layout as in the screenshot 

    Another option you can use any gallery plugin for creating gallery.

    Let me know did it work.

  • @imraz - that worked perfectly - thank you.  Is it possible to get the images to link to an external site do you know?

  • Use the WP Gallery Custom Links plugin to add a link to each gallery image.

    Let me know if any confusion.

  • Thanks, I've tried that but the links don't seem to work. Don't know whether it's a clash with the theme or not?
  • Hi, @craigmckee

    This plugin will not clash with any theme. It just configures Wordpress media admin section.

    Try to follow the sequence of below screenshots to create a gallery image with links:

  • Ah, thank you.  I'll try this. 
  • Yeah, I've done that all yesterday.  Definitely does not work. I've tried setting the link at the top to None or Link to Media Image and this is what it seems to do - it certainly doesn't follow the external link I have put in. 

  • Plugin WP Gallery Custom Links is not supporting text widget.

    However, plugin author has given a solution for the widget: link 

    You can discuss this issue with plugin author.

  • Thank you, well done - I did search the forums but didn't come across this one.  I'll try it. 
  • I've tried it as a gallery and as text and made those changes but definitely still not working.  
  • Hi, @craigmckee

    You have another simple solution. No need of any plugin. Make your image caption field clickable. Means insert anchor HTML code in caption field for the image while creating gallery images.

    See the screenshot like this:

    Hope this will the same as you need.

    Let me know did it work.

  • Ha that simple. You are a legend @imraz!

  • Glad to help you!

    Any issue later, feel free to ask again.

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