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Dear sir
 as you can see in the following adrress, i'd like to change the dimensions of the map in the footer.
How can i change it? I have add a widget WP Google Map here but the size is too small. I'd like to improve the size not changing the size of the others widget in the same area. (If you know a way to move the language widget from the footer to the header it will be much appreciate)
Thanks in advance


  • In case i improve the map size, the picture goes on the others widget. So may be, how can i change the settings of the footer to adjust the allocation of the widget in the footer? 
    I mean, if i can divide the footer in 3 raws, the first 2 will be for the map, and the other one for the other widget.

    Hoping to be clear
  • Hi, @rcssrl

    Your query is a part of theme enhancement and beyond the theme support. However, we can do the same but instead of using the widget, we can add full-width div of google map section ( as in contact template) in the footer section. Like this screenshot

    Thanks for contacting us :)

  • Ok and how could i do this?
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    Hi, @rcssrl

    Create a child theme of Wallstreet Pro theme, ignore if you have already created. Create a new file in child theme ( of Wallstreet Pro theme )with name home.php and edit it, then paste the code in it from a link.

    Save changes and activate your child theme. Let me know did it work.

  • Ok, I will try it.
    It's uncapable that a theme like yours don't have a settings area for the Footer. It will be great if you can add it in the next future.

    Thanks for your support
  • Hi, @rcssrl

    Any update? Let me know have you been applied the changes successfully?

  • Well i have put just one widget in the footer and adjust in pixel to be showen "full". For now it works but not in the smartphone site, but better than nothing...

    Thanks for your support
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