Reauthentication for production site

Hi, I had your plugin working fine on the development site.
I couldn't authenticate on the production site ("Sorry, your request cannot be accepted.") so deactivated on the dev site and tried again - still didn't work.
At Instagram I revoked access to webriti in the hope of clearing everything and starting again. I got to the authentication window at Instagram but then the same "Sorry, your request cannot be accepted" message came back when I was returned to the production site. Could you please tell me the correct process for shifting from dev to production at a different URL.


  • I got it working but couldn't do so with the webriti-generated access tokens (from either the live or dev sites) - I had to get one elsewhere. Still interested to know the correct way to transfer from dev to production sites.
  • Hi butterpaper

    We never face such type of error. Can you please let me know did you make any code customization in plugin core file. 

    if not please share your site admin details on my email id so we can test this on you end and let you know about the issue. 

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