How to rename the header of Woocommmerce Shop Page?


I installed BusiProf Theme and Woocommerce extension. When I selected the Shop page, the header displayed « Archives : Product » on the left and « Home/Products ».

Is it possible to rename « Archives : Product » for « Shop »?




  • Hi maudet47

    It requires core code customize so i will suggest you to add customize code  in child theme you can read more about child theme here

    Now Follow given instructions.

    1. Create a child theme you can use this plugin to create child theme

    2. Go to in your theme directory and copy index-banner.php and now go to in your child theme directory and paste here index-banner.php file.

    3. Find attached code in and replace in your child theme index-banner.php file.

    4. Activate your child theme 

    Let me know did it work.

  • Greatt!

    Now, I have the title of the page (« Centre d’expertise ») in the header section (check the file). Also, I found that I am not able to remove the second title (« Centre d’expertise ») in the page (the one below). Is it possible for you to help me about it?
  • Check the content of the Shop page (check the file).
  • The file
  • Hi maudet47

    Glad I was able to help. If you’re happy with our products and support, please leave us a kind review here:-

    Kindly create a new thread for your second query. Multiple query in single thread create complexity to handle better support query. Please cooperate.

    Closing this ticket.


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