Is it possible to just display an image or a page in the slider instead of a blog post?

Is it possible to hide the title on the slider? 

Many thanks


  • Hello 
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    Its not possible to show page image in slider . 
    To hide  title on slider  Add the below css code inside the Appearance >> customizer >> Additional Css box . 

    .container.slider_con {
        display: none;

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • That has worked fantastically!  Is it possible to add a small white border at the bottom of the slider to seperate it from the call to action section?
  • That did work but now the title is back... The custom CSS is still there
  • I upgraded to 4.9.3 paid this is the issue??
  • Solved, it was fixed with

    #slider-carousel div.container.slider_con {
    display: none;
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