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I have a page set as Page with Right Sidebar.  As you can see the text is touching the featured image.  How do I get a bit of spacing there?  I'd like to reduce the space underneath so the text is closer and have the same space to the right of the image so the text isn't touching it.  

Also, how do I centre an image in the sidebar?  Same page, look at the blue logo at the top - it's left aligned and I would like it centered.  

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    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    For this add the below css code inside the custom css box . 

    a.pull-left.blog_pull_img2 img {
        margin-right: 20px ! important;
        margin-bottom: 0;

    To make logo center aligned  Use below css code . 

    .sidebar_widget.widget.widget_media_image {
        text-align: center;

    Change margin value as your need . 
  • Brilliant, thanks
  • Both work perfectly, thanks! 
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