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Is it possible to set the additional one or additional two so that the Our Team widget display images the same size without me having to resize each one individually?  The same with the slider.  Can I set it so the images are always one size? 


  •  you'll see what I mean where the About me, Treatments and Neal's Yard pictures are all different heights.  How can I overcome this?  
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    Your website showing   under construction  mode  . 
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  • Sorry try now
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    Whats to show images like the snapshot 


  • That exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for
  • Or should I be uploading images of a certain size / dimensions?
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    For this kindly upload same size image . 
    Upload 370*300px size mage . 


  • Thank you, could you tell me how you did it in the picture?  Did you use a plugin / setting or manually resize?
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    I did via css adding below css code . 

    .team_bg img {
        height: 300px ! important;

    You can change size as your need . 

    But generally we did not recommend to fix the height . 
    Bz it may effect on the responsive ness of the  website . 


  • Many thanks!!
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