Translate the service setting text field in other language


In the rambo-pro theme free text can be set in the "home-page"/"Service Setting"/"Service Title".
The website is in dutch and english.

How can the free text be translated automatically in another language when using the language selector ?
I'm using WPML which is working fine but it seems that I cannot use it for this type of translation.

This btw not only for the service setting but also for the "recent news setting", "site intro" ... in fact all text which is part of the "home-page".



  • Hello 
    To translate customzier option data via WPML refer theme help docs link . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Hi,

    Thanks for fast answering!

    Above is exactly what I'm doing and i can translate almost everything except for the text in the fields that i mentioned in the first post: the free text that one can put in the "Service Title", site intro" etc ...
    I have the dutch version of WP: so in the dashboard of WP, everything under weergave/customizer/hope page settings.

  • Hi,

    You can have a look at and switch to english. The dutch text on the home page is what I'm talking about (still busy developing the english part of the website, not everything is OK already!).
  • Hi,

    Already had some time to look into this "issue"?

    Many thanks,
  • Hi,

    Got an answer from YPML guys.

    You can close this ticket.
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