Issues with Appearance Sub-Menu

Hi there, 

I have the Appointment Theme on my Wordpress site but am having problems updating the front page. I have downloaded the latest version of WordPress and most functionality is fine. Apart from the Appearance sub-menu. It will let me into "Themes", "Customise", "Widgets" and "Editor" but not "Header" or "Background", which is where I need to go right now. When I click on it it gives me this message: 

"This page isn't working. is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500. Reload". 

I wrote to my hosting site (123-Reg) to report the problem but following a few back and fores, they suggest it may be a theme related issue and to see if you guys have a possible fix. Also, they ask what requirements the theme has so we can advise if these can be met on their platform.

Can you advise please?  


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