Featured Image on a portfolio re-sizes after upload???

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Hi! I am having a trouble again with the theme. I need help.

As you can see in the attached picture the problem is the image that I uploaded as a FEATURED IMAGE in PORTFOLIO suddenly becomes resized by 270x160 after upload but before it can accept image with height more than 160.

Why is that? What I observed is that Wordpress is adding 270x160 in the image URL that I uploaded. I hope you can help me. Many thanks.

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    For this you need to edit core theme file.

    Firstly I recommend you to create a child theme , than, copy paste the file  index-project.php of parent theme  in the child theme folder.

    Secondly Edit the file and find this line of code 

    <?php the_post_thumbnail('portfolio-4c-thumb',$hc_img_responsive); 

    And Repalce it with this line 
    <?php the_post_thumbnail('  ',$hc_img_responsive); 

    Save Changes the file 

    And After do the above   if you want to  equal the height of Images then 

    For this go the  Option panel >> Custom Css Fields  
    and copy past the below css code 

    hc_img_responsive {
    You can increase or decre. height of images as you want .


  • It worked. Thank you very much. You are such a great help. Case closed.
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