How to add a Custom Button to the Home Page

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I would like to add a Custom Buttom (containing a link to a page) to the Home Page (see attachment). I installed the MaxButtons plugin, but I have no idea where to insert the shortcode ([maxbutton id="1"]). In a post or in a normal page, it's easy. But where should I insert the shortcode to make the button appear in the Home Page? Or maybe is there another way to add a custom button to the home page?
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  • Hi

    There is not provision to add shortcode there. But if you want we will tell  you the way to hard code it.

  • Of course, thanks! I'd like to insert 1 (maybe 2) buttons next to the logo in the home page (DONATE and GET INVOLVED or just DONATE).
    Thank you in advance for telling me how to do it
  • Okay, than share your  sites link.
  • Hi

    My first impression is , yes that can be done easily. But after seeing your site, hmmm! not that wasy, you need to have some knowledge of html to add the buttons or links .

    First remove the dancing lady figure just after the logo, for this add ths css code in the custom css box

    .hc_logo h1 > a{background:none;} 

    Now after this edit the header.php file and find the css class 'header_section' now add  a button code as a first child shown in this link

    Lastly, add attribute style="position:absolute;top:0;" to the button code and adjust the value of top accordingly.

    May be, you will find  it difficult to do that. But there is no other way around.

    Also we are not sure about the responsiveness of the theme here.


  • Hi 

    Did that worked  ?


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