Unable to see member screenshots or attachments


I am a WallStree Pro subscriber and I have been following this discussion space periodically for continued knowledge. I've noticed now I am unable to open the attachments that members are including in their question.  I've tried logging in with both IE and FF but can't open the images.

It's hard to follow what the member's question is when they refer to the image and it cannot be seen.

Thank you


  • Still waiting for an answer on this
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    HI nicolus

    Sorry for the delay response.

    Let me clear are you talking about the support form attached screenshot if yes please login in to support form then you are able to open screenshot.

    If you are talking about some other thing please share your screenshot so we can help you better.
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    I am logged in.That's how I am able to post a question. When I hover over the attachment it gets big, but I am clicking on it does not open it. I've tried it in IE, FF, and Chrome.

    Now I can't seem to attach a screenshot to the post regardless of the browser. I don't see the ATTACHMENT option anywhere.

    What's happening to my account?

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    Also I have sent two PM to Akhilesh and to Priyanshu and have received no responses
  • Hell 
    After login all attachment are open at our end . 
    Kindly share the thread link on which are you unable to open attachment . 

  • All.  Every page I go to I am unable to open the attachments.  On hover the icon enlarges and shows the file size but I am unable to click on the attachment and get to open.
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