Automatic slider stop | Portfolio section showing 4 pictures


The portfolio slider is constantly sliding, and it's very annoying because the header is also sliding. It's too much. I want to disable the automatic sliding, how do I do that?

Also, it shows 3 pictures on my portfolio section, but I want to change it to 4 pictures.

Please help,

I'm using Appointment Pro


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  • Hello Imraz,

    I can't read your comment.

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    Hi @markroossien

    Thanks for using Appointment theme.

    To do so, follow the steps below:-

    1) Create child theme of Appointment theme.

    2) Create a new file with carousel.js name in child theme directory.

    3) Edit the file and paste the code from the following link:

    4) Similarly, again create a new file with index-portfolio.php name in the same child theme directory and edit the file and paste the code from the link :
    If you need to slider scroll, replace  data-interval="false" to data-interval="3000" at line no. 24 approximately.

    5) Another edit the already exist function.php file and paste the below code at the end:

    function carousel_script_fix(){
        wp_enqueue_script('child-appointment-carousel-js', get_stylesheet_directory_uri().'/carousel.js', array ('jquery'));
    add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'carousel_script_fix', 100);

    6) Save changes and activate your child theme.

    Let me know whether it works for you

  • Thanks Imraz, I'm going to try your solution.

    I'll get back to you when I finished.
  • Thanks Imraz,

    I checked the pastebins, the 1st link doesn't seem to do anything:

    The 2nd one works fine.

  • Kindly use this link:

    Let me know whether it works for you

  • Thanks for the fast responses.

    I pasted both pieces of codes in the designated folders, they also appear in my WordPress as supposed.

    The only error I still receive is the following: This theme is broken. The parent theme is missing. Please install the "appointment-pro-2-4" parent theme.

    Appointment Pro 2.4 is installed and active, so I don't know why this is appearing.
    Almost there, thanks for the help so far Imraz.

  • Kindly confirm have you add the code in function.php file or replaced the code in it.

    If replaced the code from function.php file, then please create the child theme again after deleting the existing child theme.

    Follow above steps again but this time make sure you need to add code in the function.php file after edit at the end of the already exist code in it. Code you need to copy is from above Step No. 5 and just add. Don't replace any code from any file.


  • Thanks Imraz,

    I followed the exact steps you gave me. It goes wrong from step 1, it directly says the parent theme is missing when I create it with Orbisius.

    I have attached an image to make it clear I added the code below the function.php existing code. 
  • Hi @markroossien

    Could you send us your admin details on my email address: [email protected]

    So that we could take a closer look to issue. You can trust on us and can change the password after fix.

  • I have sent the message on your e-mail.
  • Hi @markroossien

    Your child theme was not created in correct way. 

    Now created child theme using Child Theme Configurator plugin:

    Follow the above steps in the child theme directory as i have created already.

    Let me know whether it works for you

    Best of luck!

  • Thanks Imraz,

    All the steps are completed and functioning, however the slider still shows 3 pictures on the website instead of 4.

    This is very important for me.


  • Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Kindly resend your WordPress admin details on my email address: [email protected]


  • I have seen you had not added code in function.php file as mentioned in Step No. 5. Now added & it's working fine.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance

  • Working properly now, thanks for the support!
  • Glad to know it worked for you.

    If you get any issue later, feel free to ask again!

    We would really appreciate if you could provide us a kind review here:

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