Blog Graphic on new Page

I have a blog on my web page for my practice and I would like this blog to have a unique page graphic. Can you direct me to how I can place a graphic on this blog page?


  • Hi

    For this  Go to  Step 1 
    1   WP Admin <<  Post Tab << Then find add new category  option  .

    2 Create Category and assign post , as you want to show .


  • Step 2 

    The go to appearance << Menu   << Find Categories  option  << select Category << Click on  Add to menu  button .

    Then Finally click on Save Menu Button .

    See the snapshot it will help you .

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • It’s not a post I want to show. I want to place a header picture for the blog. Does this make sense? I want a different header on the page that is my blog. I’m following your message but but where do I upload the picture?
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